Skydiving in Ireland

Skydiving Ireland

Skydiving Ireland
Skydiving Ireland

Skydiving Ireland has become quite a big sport in this country in recent years. A sky dive also known as parachute jump in Ireland is the activity of exiting an aircraft and rapidly descending towards the earth before deploying the parachute. People skydiving Ireland to be adventurous and to experience the thrill of being several miles up in the air with nothing around them but the clouds.What are the advantages and disadvantages of this sport? and what are the main types of skydiving Ireland?

Skydive Ireland

Skydiving is an energy burning sport, due to the immense adrenaline rush experienced before, during and after the dive. When doing the free fall course, people can often only do two jumps in one day, due to feeling very tired afterwards. Skydiving burns 962 kilo joules (230 calories) per hour for an average EKG person. Skydiving improves confidence and helps you to overcome fears. It builds upper arm strength in controlling the parachute as well as the big muscle groups in the lower body for landing. Lugging skydiving gear around also burns energy and tones muscles.

Skydiving Ireland is a very well-liked sport that draws hordes of passionate participants from across Ireland. Though its liked by many, it also has some danger associated with it since the equipment can fail or even the pilot can make an error and this may end up causing a fatal accident. Skydivers can be killed by faulty parachutes, but more often it is the result of human error. Injuries often involve dislocations of limbs, and bone fractures during high impact landings, on both land and water. Parachute or life jacket malfunctions can also hugely increase injury risk. Spinal cord injuries, paralysis and traumatic brain injuries.

Skydive Ireland
Skydiving Ireland consists of three main types. First, Tandem skydive which is from 10,000ft. Freefall at 200 km/h for 35 Seconds. The Ultimate Experience At all times you are securely attached to an Experienced and Qualified Instructor with hundreds or thousands of skydives worth of experience. Second, Charity skydive: Skydive Ireland is proud to support many Charities and Good Causes by offering the Charity Skydiving package. Charity Parachute Jumps in Ireland raised over €1,000,000 last year and this year we aim to raise even more!Parachuting is a unique way of fundraising for your favorite Charity. People who jump out of planes are normally considered 'MAD', but MAD just stands for "Make A Difference". Third, Solo Skydive: Skydiving Solo from an aircraft is one of the most exciting adventures on the planet. Your first Solo Skydive begins by preparing you for your jump by attending our specially designed First Jump Course (FJC). Our Skydiving Instructors are the most experienced in Ireland and are National Skydiving Champions and National and World Record Holders in Formation Skydiving and High Altitude records and have completed thousands of skydives.

In conclusion, Skydiving is considered one of the world’s extreme adventure sports and is very popular. There is some magnificent scenery throughout Ireland and many of the skydiving clubs are situated in and around some of the most picturesque areas. What better way to see all this beauty, than from the air.

So enjoy Skydiving Ireland to get two in one: a good Weekend Vacation and Enjoy doing your favorite sports (Skydiving)

Skydiving Ireland

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